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Heather Bryson opened B Square Gallery in Philadelphia in November 2000.

As a part of Moore College of Art & Design’s 160th Anniversary celebration, Moore Alumnae present Moore Footsteps, a city-wide exhibition. The scale (six foot boots) provided a broad canvas for alumnae to express who they are as artists and to honor women in art and design.

The concept of the large boot grew from the theme of the 2009 annual alumnae exhibition, Footsteps. The exhibition featured alumnae-designed shoes inspired by the paths they follow or forge for others.

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Heather wanted a space to showcase her talented friends' art, as well as her own work and B Square has facilitated all of her dreams. The art of business and communicating with her clients has helped her to grow as an artist. Heather and B Square Gallery were featured in the fall 2007 issue of MooreNews and Heather was selected as one of 12 artists to paint Darla Jackson's sculpted boot for the exhibition Footsteps, celebrating Moore College of Art and Design's 160th anniversary.

Come in to discuss custom jewelry designs or browse around the gallery filled with Philly talent. It is a warm and friendly place to visit where you will find lots of special, local one of a kind pieces. B Square Gallery is wheelchair accessible. Hope to see you soon!

Showing April 24th thru May 31st:
"Living and Dead A Year in My Head
Sketches and Paintings by Megan "Verb" Kargher
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 25th from 6-9 pm

(Since this exhibit is otherwise by appointment only, please mark your calendar and join the festivities.)

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This exhibition focuses on the idea of mark-making/sketches that will translate onto the body through ink. The medium of ink and skin as a canvas has always intrigued me. What do you want to live with forever? It's walking art that breaths and changes with age, similar to a painting that has experienced the elements of time over the years.

International Award Winning artist Megan 'Verb' Kargher is currently working at Northern Lights Tattooing. Verb is a professional tattoo artist with 15 years' experience. Her background is in fine arts. She began her career designing tattoos for friends. She decided soon after to find an apprenticeship and learn to tattoo herself so she could see a design from start to finish. Verb continues to produce fine art in a number of mediums and is also an award wining documentary filmmaker. One of the main reasons she pursued tattooing after university is because "the collaboration with the customer is unique to tattooing. They are committing to wear your artwork for the rest of their lives. This collaboration is one of best parts of the job." While Verb works in all styles, she specializes in Surrealism, Color Realism, Cover up, and Freehand work.

This web site features Heather Bryson's one of a kind, handmade fine and functional art for your body and your home. She uses a variety of mediums to create unique jewelry and objects of art. She showcases her work and that of other talented Philly-based artists at the B Square Gallery, located right off of South Street in Philadelphia, PA.

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