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Our Mission

Caring a Healthy & Beautiful Life, Together

"One company, one career, one dream, one harvest."

"Everyone is the owner of the family and take care of the family" has become the core cultural value of H&B family! Create, share and win-win, in order to promote the spirit of corporate culture, so that every HIMARK member has an excellent customer service concept, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality services and high-standard products.

H&B advocates pragmatism, integrity and management ethics, and a good and stable management philosophy, which has won high recognition from customers all over the world. H&B’s core corporate culture promotes efficient operations and rapid development. In the future, the H&B series will continue to adhere to our service concept and provide you with excellent service and quality.

H & B——Company History

September 2010: Company establishment.

June 2013: Formation of the first international trade team

June 2014: Formation of the second international trade team.

2016: Registration of the H&B brand and expansion into the domestic market.

2017: Expand Market——Expansion into Amazon North America.

2018: Expand the market again——Expansion into Amazon Europe

2019-Present: Steady growth of the company.

Service Commitment

Beyond Products, Caring for Your Creative Journey

As a manufacturer, we possess exquisite craftsmanship and expertise in stationery production. We understand the importance of each pencil and every bottle of paint, which is why we have high demands for the quality and performance of our products. We go beyond market standards and strive for excellence, aiming to provide you with an exceptional creative experience.

Our team consists of passionate individuals from various fields, including artists, designers, chemical engineers, and marketing experts. Together, we create extraordinary products for you. We meticulously develop lead cores that offer smooth writing experiences and long-lasting color saturation. We carefully select pigments to ensure vibrant hues and stability. We recognize that the power of art extends beyond surface expression; it should be enduring, captivating, and woven into every artwork.

We not only focus on the products themselves, but we also prioritize caring for and supporting you. We understand the challenges and uncertainties in your artistic journey, which is why we are committed to providing comprehensive services. Our professional team is always ready to offer advice, answer your questions, and share creative techniques and inspiration. We are not just your suppliers; we are your art mentors and creative partners.

The Power of Art

Originates from Life, Ignites Infinite Creative Sparks

The H&B brand story is one of dreams, creativity, and dedication. We entered this industry not merely for profits but to establish deep emotional connections with every art creator. We believe that art is not just a means of expression; it is a bridge that connects people, allowing us to experience the power of beauty together.

With pride, we stand by your side on this journey filled with creativity. Our goal is not only to provide you with high-quality stationery products but also to ignite the infinite potential and creativity within you. We hope that through our tools, you will find your voice and tell stories in your unique way, showcasing the diversity of the world.

As a manufacturer and supplier, we offer reliable and stable support through a well-established supply chain. Our manufacturing processes are meticulously refined to ensure that every product meets high-quality standards. We collaborate with reliable suppliers, choose environmentally friendly materials, and strive to build a sustainable stationery brand that coexists harmoniously with nature.

The Path of Creativity

H&B, Your Loyal Companion on the Artistic Journey

H&B aims to be your loyal companion on your artistic journey. Our products are not just tools; they are mediums that ignite endless creative sparks. We carefully select eco-friendly materials and develop innovative lead cores and pigment formulas to ensure exceptional expressiveness and durability. From painting to sketching, from handwritten notes to illustration creations, our products provide outstanding performance and precise control, making your artworks authentic and unique.

Whether you are a student pursuing artistic dreams, a professional artist, or a creative enthusiast, H&B will explore the endless possibilities of art with you. We believe that art can change the world, stimulate thoughts, and evoke emotions. Therefore, we strive to promote the development of art, support art education projects, and establish close connections with the art community. We are committed to being your steadfast supporter and inspiration in your creative journey by providing high-quality products and excellent service.

Remember, at H&B, we are more than just selling stationery. We provide tools that ignite your creativity, support your passion, and stand by your side every step of the way. Join us in this artistic adventure, where art intertwines with life, and let H&B be your trusted companion in realizing your artistic dreams.

Treasure-Like Feedback

  • H & B beat out several suppliers for my bid due their professionalism, attention to detail and the willingness to listen to a small but serious buyer. When I received it was packaged superbly, with virtual no breakage. The aftercare from this company showed a deep concern for the satisfaction of this customer. I give them 5 star rating and would recommend them to anyone.You can trust them to do an excellent job, and deliver what you want.
  • - Melissa
  • With this set, I'm well supplied with art pencils. The lid of this boxed set lifts up to display half of the pencils - 12 different colors of watercolor pencils, 12 different colored pencils, and 6 charcoal pencils. Lifting that tray out reveals another tray of pencils - 12 different colors of metallic pencils, 12 drawing pencils, and 6 more charcoal pencils. Under this tray and to the side is a small plastic pencil sharpener. All of the pencils come well marked. Although it seems like the colors are self-explanatory, it's very useful that the charcoal pencils are labeled hard, medium, and soft as well as the drawing pencils labeled their types of hardness and softness such as 5H, 2H, 5B, etc. I find that the drawing pencils and watercolor pencils are easy to erase when needed. The metallic colors and other colored pencils are hard to erase and best used once a drawing or sketch is in place and then is filled in. The box is sturdy cardboard and certainly inspirational and colorful. The front edge of the lid snaps shut over the front side like there are magnet strips embedded. My rating is 5 stars because of the number and variety of pencils. I'm ready to draw!
  • - Kay Crayton

B2B business

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