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One Of The Oem Suppliers Of International Professional Art Brands

Shanghai Haobin Stationery & Art Material Co., Ltd established in 2010, which is one of OEM vendors for many international professional art brands .In 2016,the company brand has become a popular brand for consumers of cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and ebay .At the same timregistered H&B brand and exploited a series of pencil sketch ,watercolour ,acrylic and oil painting sets .With continuous efforts ,H&B , the children's art series obtain many domestic custormers.

OEM Custom Service

  • H&B is a leader in the Art Material industry. Whether you are doing OEM customization or acting as an agent, you can get tangible benefits.

  • Have a professional design team, provide design solutions within 24 hours.Environmental protection and tasteless, provide various test certificates.Provide follow-up services throughout the process from product selection to operation.

Our Team

Every employee is making his or her contribution, regardless of their position or department. We are one team and we will explore new directions together.

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Now our main market are all around the world

Such as Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark,Estonia, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Germany,Austria, Switzerland,Britain, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, france,Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia,Turkey,Australia,BelgiumAmerica,Canada,Mexico, Spain,Argentina,Brazil, Columbia, ChilePortugal, France, Ireland, Japan,South Korea, Italy, New Zealand, Kyrgyzstan etc...

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Treasure-like feedback

H&B beat out several suppliers for my bid due their professionalism, attention to detail and the willingness to listen to a small but serious buyer. When I received it was packaged superbly, with virtual no breakage. The aftercare from this company showed a deep concern for the satisfaction of this customer. I give them 5 star rating and would recommend them to anyone.You can trust them to do an excellent job, and deliver what you want.

- Melissa

With this set, I'm well supplied with art pencils. The lid of this boxed set lifts up to display half of the pencils - 12 different colors of watercolor pencils, 12 different colored pencils, and 6 charcoal pencils. Lifting that tray out reveals another tray of pencils - 12 different colors of metallic pencils, 12 drawing pencils, and 6 more charcoal pencils. Under this tray and to the side is a small plastic pencil sharpener. All of the pencils come well marked. Although it seems like the colors are self-explanatory, it's very useful that the charcoal pencils are labeled hard, medium, and soft as well as the drawing pencils labeled their types of hardness and softness such as 5H, 2H, 5B, etc. I find that the drawing pencils and watercolor pencils are easy to erase when needed. The metallic colors and other colored pencils are hard to erase and best used once a drawing or sketch is in place and then is filled in. The box is sturdy cardboard and certainly inspirational and colorful. The front edge of the lid snaps shut over the front side like there are magnet strips embedded. My rating is 5 stars because of the number and variety of pencils. I'm ready to draw!

- Kay Crayton

Our Service
Market Occupation Service Program

Focus on product innovation,win considerable benefits for you

H&B has strong development and design capabilities, and has obtained a number of "design patent certificates". It can quickly capture real-time market trends, advance with the times, innovate, and quickly launch several unique series of products, thereby obtaining business differentiation and personalized new products, continuously increasing market share, enhancing product core competitiveness, and winning You bring considerable economic benefits.

Marketing Service Plan

Professional one-stop marketing service support

With years of experience in fine art materials, H&B can provide you with professional advice and support on product selection, product positioning strategies and marketing plans according to specific markets. H&B has an excellent marketing planning team that can provide you with in-depth and effective marketing for us. Planning solution cooperation, such as: VI image planning, custom packaging design, exhibition display, marketing image resources, video, 3D max, MG animation video technology, these one-stop service support, work together to quickly open the art material market and provide you with Development support.

Fast and timely delivery service plan

The modern information system, scientific storage and production management system can solve customers' inventory pressure and shorten the delivery date.

The delivery date is a symbol of corporate strength, efficiency and management! Through close communication with customers, reasonable preparation of market forecasting systems, scientific planning of semi-finished products production, flexible adjustment of product levels and supply chain classification management according to market demand can shorten and improve emergency response capabilities on the delivery date. H&B uses advanced information management systems, such as CRM, ERP, WMS, etc., to support accurate and standard warehouse management processes and ensure effective production and operation capabilities. Provide you with fast response delivery function.

Stable price system guarantee service procedures

Senior financial team controls the cost stability of raw materials

H&B has established a professional financial team to pay attention to the price trends of main raw materials in real time, formulate an effective price fluctuation control mechanism, and form its own price linkage system. At the same time, the price is controlled to fluctuate within a certain range, and the raw material inventory is maintained at a stable price according to the fluctuation of the market raw material, so as to ensure to provide you with a stable product price system.

Customers are the center of corporate culture

Customer-centric corporate culture

"One company, one career, one dream, one harvest."

"Everyone is the owner of the family and take care of the family" has become the core cultural value of H&B family! Create, share and win-win, in order to promote the spirit of corporate culture, so that every HIMARK member has an excellent customer service concept, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality services and high-standard products.

H&B advocates pragmatism, integrity and management ethics, and a good and stable management philosophy, which has won high recognition from customers all over the world. H&B’s core corporate culture promotes efficient operations and rapid development. In the future, the H&B series will continue to adhere to our service concept and provide you with excellent service and quality.

  • Exhibition News
    The exhibition was a great success, with many visitors expressing admiration for the skill and talent demonstrated by the artists. It was a reminder of the enduring appeal of pencil drawing, and its ability to capture the imagination and emotions of viewers.
  • 2023 H & B Staff Conference
    2023 H & B Staff Conference
    With the sound of firecrackers, the new year has come, H & B wishes all employees a good start!