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Private Label Options for Painting Supplies and Drawing Supplies

Whether you need customized products, improved supply chain efficiency, or a reliable partner, we can meet your needs.

H&B Brand

In 2016, we registered the H&B brand and developed a series of pencil sketching, watercolor, acrylic, and oil painting sets. After continuous efforts, the H&B brand has become a popular brand for consumers on cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay. At the same time, the children's art series has gained the love of many domestic audiences.
H&B Art mission

As a Art Material brand we need to offer creative experiences and added value that service our customers. This is the tangible benefit we offer our customers - so that they always choose H&B time after time.

Trust and reliability

We have gained trust and reputation through cooperation with numerous well-known brands, helping you stand out in the market.

Private Label Painting Supplies and Drawing Supplies – What Can We Offer?

Transforming Ideas into Reality: Collaborate with Us!

When you have a great idea or idea, we can communicate and communicate to help you turn it into reality. We are all willing to listen and explore the possibility of realization with you. Whether by discussing details, working together on research, providing advice, or assisting you with specific plans, we are committed to working with you to ensure your ideas are fully developed and realized.

Enhance Your Design with Expert Advice and Swift Production

When you have a design plan of your own, we can assist you with some design suggestions for a better realization of the plan. When the decision is made, we will quickly produce according to the design and deliver the goods quickly

Discover Cutting-Edge Product Designs for Your Aesthetic Needs

We offer cutting-edge yet sophisticated product designs, and you can choose from our extensive range to match your aesthetic needs. Once you make your choice, we will ship it to you immediately to ensure that you can get the satisfactory product quickly.

Stay Ahead with OEM for the Latest Products from Top Brands

When there is a new product of our own brand, we will recommend it to you as soon as possible to do OEM simultaneously to ensure the update of your new OEM product

Streamlined Production and Logistics for Hassle-Free Orders

We are willing to provide you with production plans and update them to customers, and we also have professional staff to follow up on order progress and synchronize logistics and transportation information

Timely Delivery Guaranteed: Prepared with Advanced Material Planning

In terms of minimum order quantity, we will choose to make a joint version with our own brand, which can reduce the minimum order quantity so as to meet the customer's minimum order quantity demand for OEM orders. Welcome to consult and order

Private Label Painting Supplies and Drawing Supplies – Why H&B

We insist on providing superior product quality and innovative features. We will use high-quality materials and employ advanced manufacturing processes to ensure the superior performance and durability of our pencils and paints. At the same time, we will continue to carry out research and development and innovation, and launch new products with unique functions to meet consumers' needs for innovation.
  • Customized Product Solutions: Release Your Unique Artistic Vision

    Customized Product Innovation:Specializing in innovation and design, our team provides solutions for custom product design and development to ensure your product is unique in the market.

    Supply Chain Management:We have a strong supply chain management system that can optimize logistics and production processes to ensure on-time delivery and reduce inventory costs.

    Quality Control:We strictly follow international standards and quality control procedures to ensure that each product is rigorously tested and inspected to meet the highest quality standards

    Quick Response:With our strong production capacity, we can produce and deliver your order quickly, ensuring timely delivery.

  • High Quality and Reliability: Our Promise and Your Trust

    Rich ExperienceAs a leading art supplies manufacturer, we have many years of experience and a deep understanding of market trends and consumer needs.

    Innovative Design TeamOur creative and passionate design team provides unique and innovative product designs.

    High Quality StandardsWe prioritize quality control and continuously invest in technological improvement and production process optimization to ensure excellent product quality.

    Flexible production capacityWe can flexibly handle small-scale to large-scale production according to your requirements.

    Customer SatisfactionOur customers come first and we are committed to providing exceptional service and support.

  • Recommended Product Solutions: Art Toolsets Tailored for Different Needs

    Art Tools SetWe provide a wide range of art tools, including various brushes, palettes and paints to meet the needs of different artists.

    Customized color palettesWe can customize exclusive color palettes according to your brand requirements and target audience to provide a unique painting experience.

    PRO ARTIST TOOLSWe develop premium tools designed specifically for professional artists with their exacting demands for detail and quality.

FAQs about Private Label

  • can you shipping to Amazon?
    yes,we have rich experience ship to amazon , such as US Amazon , Germany Amazon ,CA Amazon ,UK Amazon with DDP Term..
    Dec 30,2020
  • Which port will you ship the goods?
    We offer price of EXW,you can choose delivery by air, vessel, or international express.Shipping port can be Ningbo,Shanghai or Shenzhen.
    Dec 30,2020
  • What certification your have ?
    we are a CE,EN71,ASTMD-4236,MSDS,approved manufacturer.
    Dec 30,2020
  • what is your payment term?
    Payment by western union or credit card,e-checking,paypal,T/T 30% deposit before producing and 70% balance for bulk order before shipment.
    Dec 30,2020
  • What is your delivery time ?
    Generally 3-4 days after payment for stock.30-60 days after payment for customized order, it depends on the products & quantity.
    Dec 30,2020
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