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  • How To Build Colorful Life

    As a brand, we can provide innovative experience and product value-added services, improve customer satisfaction, and exceed customer psychological expectations. So they always choose H&B

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  • How To Build Colorful Life

    We motivate people to bring their ideas into reality and express themselves by delivering inspiring product concepts. To be successful, we need to transform from being a product-driven to being a customer-centric and experience-driven company.

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OEM Custom Service

H&B is a leader in the industry. Whether you are doing OEM customization or acting as an agent, you can get tangible benefits.

  • High-quality products and punctual delivery

  • The amount of one-to-one customer service support provided

  • Provide customized sample service

  • Complete product certificate.

  • Convenient logistics and distribution.

  • New product development and update are fast.

  • Payment method

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Join H&B agent

H & B always believes that high quality products require a strong sales network. Therefore, we have been looking for agents from all over the world to join our family.

As our agent, you can enjoy the following support:

  • Authorization

  • Popularity

  • Spot

  • Free product description and pictures withoutlogo.

  • Regional protection

  • New product update speed

  • Drop shipping

  • Own overseas warehouse

  • Technical consultation

  • Product diversification

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  • H & B's artistic Mid-Autumn Festival activities
    H & B's artistic Mid-Autumn Festival activities
    The H & B Mid-Autumn Festival Art Event will be held on September 18, 2021. The content of the event is rich and varied, including the production of lanterns, greeting cards, and the New Trade War. These productions rely on the company's many popular art brands.
  • H&B New product sharing
    H&B New product sharing
    New product sharing:HB-WPB039、HB-TZ33、HB-CBPB120、HB-CBPB122、HB-CBPB126、HB-BSAP25