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H & B Christmas Painting Collection

H & B Christmas Painting Collection

Dec 23,2021
H & B Christmas Painting Collection
Christmas Painting Collection

                            Merry Christmas!

The bell of Christmas is about to ring. At this wonderful moment, a collection of Christmas paintings drawn by our colleagues is given to you!

art supplies set
H & B Christmas drawing set
art supplies set
Painting material: H & B oil pastel series

Winter snowflakes

With the arrival of Christmas Eve

New year bell and countdown

Already rang

Merry Christmas everyone!

Painting material: H & B 28 Oil Paint Markers

Christmas is coming soon,
Then you must draw a colorful Christmas tree to celebrate!
Let's paint together~
Very suitable for zero-based practice!
There are not too many techniques, mainly flat coating, a few more coats will make it look better!
art supplies set
art supplies set
Painting material: H & B 56 Professional Solid Watercolor Paint Set

At Christmas, are everyone looking forward to Santa Claus giving gifts?


This is a relatively simple set of Santa Claus

which can be drawn with solid watercolor!

H & B Quotations
art supplies set
Christmas is coming soon, are you preparing gifts for your loved ones?
Drawing a Christmas picture with heart is also a gift to ta!
After reading our collection of paintings, do you have the urge to draw with a pen?
The day after tomorrow is the weekend, don’t be lazy, just start drawing!

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