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Wander among the vibrant colors/solid watercolor paint

Wander among the vibrant colors/solid watercolor paint

June 9,2022

Wander among the vibrant colors/solid watercolor paint
Watercolor uses water as the medium and "color" as the carrier, which generates vitality in the changing water colors. The clear brushstrokes reflect the layers of texture in the flow of colors, bringing us into a new "horizon" like a time machine.

In the water rhythm and brush rhythm, you can get a fresh and lively visual art enjoyment. The fluidity of water in the whole painting process drives the color changes, leaving subtle texture changes, which constitute its unique artistic vocabulary. From casual personal creations to art connoisseurs' collections, from colorful literary illustrations to the expression of private perspectives, art is all-encompassing.

 The artist's quick drying blend oil can promote the fluency of the paint after mixing with the oil painting paint; And it can improve the drying speed and halve the drying time, which is very suitable for sketching.

All kinds of people in life, shuttle between high-rise buildings, busy with traffic during the day and bright lights at night, conveying the style of the metropolis, of course, there are also slow-paced cities lined with green shades, and the figures of several old houses, vaguely fiddling with the times. Memories. Every street scene has its own unique flavor, and watercolor can express this feeling very well.

Painting the familiar urban street scenes with watercolors does not care how abstract and suspenseful, nor how real and subtle, but to draw the moving and real in the heart, and leave traces of color with a single stroke.

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