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H&B art sketching pencil art set for artists

H&B art sketching pencil art set for artists

August 30,2022

H&B art sketching pencil art set for artists

H&B Sketch Charcoal Refills are made of fine-slip charcoal powder with high pressure, and the extra-soft charcoal pen reaches a very deep blackness.

Carefully modulated refill formula to achieve 5 shades of charcoal shades of light and dark colors.

At the same time, this charcoal pen adopts the most traditional charcoal core production method, does not add modern chemical materials, realizes the refill without impurities, retains the delicacy of the charcoal powder, is easy to blend and wipe, the transition is naturally coordinated, and the adhesion is stronger.

The pen fell to the ground, snapping, and with the broken refill, the candidates' hearts were broken.

The anti-break bonding technique of H&B Sketch Charcoal makes candidates no longer heartbroken.

The refill width is 4mm, and the use of very delicate charcoal powder is pressed by high density, which ensures that the charcoal refill is smooth, uniformly colored, and not easy to break.

H&B Sketch Pencil, used with Sketch Charcoal, can achieve a 1+1>2 effect: first use charcoal strips to lay color blocks, then use matte sketch pencils to outline details, and candidates can also use soft charcoal to deepen the tone in the dark.

The best partner for sketch charcoal: Faber-Castar college entrance examination matte sketch pencil is also very promising, excellent matte brush strokes greatly reduce the reflection effect on the paper.