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Sketch Set Shopping Guide

For drawing hobbyist , our company’s sketch set contains a variety of sketch drawing tools. The pencil gray scale is complete with dark and light,the charcoal pencil is with soft medium and hard , as well as a variety of drawing gadgets. , Saying goodbye to painting troubles, holding a black and white pencil, sketching a gorgeous chapter, and recording the situation encountered.

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Colored Pencil Painting Shopping Guide

Colored pencil painting is more like a work that has been enchanted. It has the characteristics of rich colors, delicate and realistic, and can show a relatively light and transparent texture. It is a painting form between sketch and color, suitable for Color pencils and water-soluble color pencil series for color drawing that can meet the needs of illustrators, designers, students or painting enthusiasts in many ways. Color lead is generally divided into oil-based color lead and water-soluble color lead. Oily color pencil: The pencil core is hard, not easy to break, and the color is delicate and shiny. It can be used to draw color sketches and is suitable for drawing details. Water-soluble color lead: It is soluble in water, and the color can be smudged through water to give the feeling of watercolor. The oil-based color lead is bright and bright, and the color is soft after being superimposed. The water-soluble color lead has excellent watercolor rendering effects and gives the picture delicate color vitality. The packaging is diverse and can be customized

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Paint Painting Shopping Guide
Paints are generally divided into 3 types of watercolor, acrylic and oil painting.

The watercolor paint has fine powder quality and good gloss, small size, high energy, and vivid colors. With a water color brush pen.You can use it repeatedly and blend naturally. Which is a good assistant for your painting.

Acrylic paint uses acrylic resin as a binder. It is a water-soluble paint. It has good waterproof effect after drying, strong covering power, good weather resistance, not easy to crack, easy to store, and can be painted on a variety of carriers. The film is bright, colorful, and the smooth texture of acrylic allows the brush to come and go freely between the canvas and the paint, which will not hinder your creativity into the painting brush strokes you want.

Oil paint is a kind of special paint for oil painting. It is made by mixing and grinding pigment powder with oil and glue. The paint is made of fine-particle toner. It has a mellow color, high saturation, and is easy to preserve. It can be applied directly without mixing during painting. The paste is uniform and the texture is fine greasy.

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Acrylic Marker Pens Shopping Guide

Acrylic marker pens are colorful, suitable for graffiti, marking, painting, coloring and other creative forms. They can also show color when used on white paper. It does not dirty hands or wash various palettes. Acrylic marker pens have a large creative space in artistic works, besides they can also be used independently with various painting materials such as ink and medium to create a vivid sense of fashion.

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Children's Suit Series Shopping Guide

It is also a good choice for parents to let their children learn a speciality in their free time. The art set for kids of our company series basically cover almost all the painting tools that children can use at present. With a boxed design, it is not only easier to store, but also It is more convenient to go out and carry, so that you can enjoy the fun to painting anytime and anywhere.

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  • Exhibition News
    The exhibition was a great success, with many visitors expressing admiration for the skill and talent demonstrated by the artists. It was a reminder of the enduring appeal of pencil drawing, and its ability to capture the imagination and emotions of viewers.
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    2023 H & B Staff Conference
    With the sound of firecrackers, the new year has come, H & B wishes all employees a good start!