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H & B oil pastel experience

H & B oil pastel experience

November 26,2021
H & B oil pastel experience
Group photo

                              H & B oil pastel experience

H & B oil pastel experience will be held from November 26, 2021. This time we will put our imagination into the creation of oil pastels.

Oil pastel experience Details Map
Collective oil pastel creation:

Winter has come quietly, and the snow covers the beauty of autumn, but it reflects the purity of winter. On the 26th, under the shining of the sun, we drew the heavens and horses in our heads together under the oil pastel!

Imaginative imagination:

A blank paper, an afternoon, a box of oil pastels, and a story. Do you believe that oil pastels are better than oil paintings? The zero-based Xiaobai can also draw a beautiful starry sky! The following pictures are all oil paintings created by our little friends. The creation of oil pastel is different from traditional art painting. It is an artistic expression method that uses a scraper and paint to create. Because it is simple and easy to operate and easy to use, it is loved by many friends; the decompression brought by the oil pastel and The sense of accomplishment of the completion of the painting will make people full of confidence, so it is also called "healing art".
H & B new oil pastel :

The oil pastel has super coverage, each layer is superimposed to make the picture more textured, and the creative effect is also full of tension; every "churn" of color is like an unknown journey, once it is created, it is indescribable .

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