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H & B Shenzhen Gift Fair

H & B Shenzhen Gift Fair

October 25,2021
H & B Shenzhen Gift Fair
Group photo

                              H & B Shenzhen Gift Fair

H & B Shenzhen Gift Fair will be held from October 21 to 23, 2021. This time we will give back gifts to new and old customers, and also show them our new products.

Gift Fair Details Map
Customers visiting:

The H & B Shenzhen Gift Fair was very successful. A large number of customers came to our booth to visit and they showed respect to us. Our staff introduced the products of this gift exhibition to people at the booth. They were very enthusiastic. Anyone who came to care could receive our small gifts. H & B art changes life. While focusing on making products, H & B will always pay attention to the mood of customers and their suggestions for our products. H & B is a wholesaler and customizer of art supplies, as well as all friends who love art. If you need to buy our individual products, or wholesale and customize, you can write to email to get in touch with us, old and new Customers will have discounts!

Acrylic paint painting:

In order to show the effect of the product more vividly, H & B specially hand-painted acrylic paintings. The lily flower on the right is made purely by hand with acrylic paint. Of course, brushes and other products are used in the middle, and all the tools are painted into this wonderful painting. We know that the polyacrylic acid pigment itself is water-soluble, and after drying, it forms a porous film and becomes water-resistant. Bright colors, bright colors, superimposable, soft layers of pigments are bonded to each other to form a transparent or semi-transparent, strong adhesion, good weather resistance, and durability. These characteristics are all reflected in this painting.
H & B pouring acrylic paint set 13 :

In this gift exhibition, we also diy colorful bags. H & B invited the teacher to show the people on the scene a white ordinary bag, how to use the art suit to turn it into a personalized and attractive bag. You may not like a colorless bag, but if you make it yourself, you will definitely like it. It will make you stand out from the crowd when you go out. The following two pictures are all bags made on site. The products used can also be found on our official website. If you like, you can leave your email address to contact us, and we can customize it for you.

H & B contact information

  • If you are interested in our products, you can leave your e-mail address and get in touch with us if you want to say!CONTACT US