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Excellent oil painting works

Excellent oil painting works

July 12,2022

Excellent oil painting works
High-quality oil paint not only has high pigment content, but also the quality of the pigment itself. For high-quality oil paint, the pigment ratio can be as high as 75%.

Its unique high-purity pigment formula, select the appropriate drying oil and pigment dispersion method, so that the unique personality of each pigment is preserved and the pigment performance is more outstanding.

Of course, high-quality pigments must be matched with high-quality tools - brushes
Its high hardness and high elasticity can well match the oil paint, its own consistency and the rough texture of the canvas. It is the "golden CP" of oil painting creation~

If you like the touch of a palette knife, you can choose the [professional palette knife], which is made of high-quality stainless steel blades. , cleaning is also very convenient.

In addition, when it comes to oil painting, everyone can think of digital oil painting. In the next issue, we will introduce digital oil painting in detail.