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The prevalence of digital painting

The prevalence of digital painting

July 19,2022

The prevalence of digital painting

Digital painting, also known as digital painting and coded oil painting, is to process the painting into lines and digital symbols through a special process. Hand-painted products that can be done.

Invented in the United States in the 1950s, digital oil painting is popular in France, Germany, Italy and other countries, and has influenced generations of people, making it easy for all those who love painting but who have never learned painting to draw their own. of paintings. The obsession of digital oil painting in Europe and the United States is almost crazy. It has set a sales record of 15 million sets sold in 4 years. As a product, it has been listed as popular culture because of its long history and far-reaching influence, and it has been recorded in the history of Europe and the United States. Now, many elderly people who are over 500 years old still cherish their childhood digital oil paintings and gather together to hold a memory painting exhibition to look back on the past.

Today, we will bring digital oil painting to everyone, and together with everyone, spread art and share happiness.

Contrasting color painting is to achieve harmony and unity of tones through continuous contrast changes of cold and warm colors. At the beginning of painting, through the flexible use of brushes and knives, the canvas will be filled with relatively strong colors, and then the colors will be quickly scraped off with a palette knife, leaving a thin layer of color on the picture, and then the scraped paint will be used to make gray. Adjust the color of the picture, or make it elegant by overlaying a contrasting color. This can make rough colors into subtle and harmonious colors.

Artists usually paint with contrasting colors while the base layer is still wet. In this painting method, the painting knife plays a very important role, it can make the dull color produce rich and varied effects, and the painting knife can also remove the unsatisfactory color and avoid the color damage caused by scrubbing with turpentine. In addition to scraping, the painting knife can also use methods such as wiping and kneading to harmonize the contrasting colors.

Equipped with tools

Canvas: The painting base material is made of high-grade pure cotton material or special linen for oil painting, which is processed by a special process. There are also canvases using chemical fiber materials on the market, but the painting effect is general.

Pigment: Using environmentally friendly acrylic paint, the color is full and bright.