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How to use watercolor pencils

How to use watercolor pencils

Issue Time:2022/10/29

 Refuse to remain the same, create infinite changes with colored pencils
The "scheming girl" in the color pencil industry is no more than water-soluble color pencil
It not only has the characteristics of pencil, but also has the lightness and translucency of watercolor.

If you paint with water-soluble color lead directly, you can draw neat lines, and you can freely mix colors on the picture, which is one of its greatest charms.

Advantages of water-soluble color lead
①Water-soluble color pencils can be sketched like oil-based color pencils when you go out for sketching, and then smudged and colored when you go home, so you don’t need to carry a pen wash pot with you, which is very convenient

②Water-soluble color pencils can show different effects from watercolors, whether they are applied with a dry pen on wet paper or with a wet pen on dry paper. When used independently, it has a color lead texture, which is gentle and delicate; when used with watercolors, it can present a unique texture.

Watercolorcolored pencils

It belongs to one of the colored pencils. It is a commonly used painting tool in painting. After drawing with "water-soluble colored pencils", it can produce a rich and varied color effect after coloring with water and a brush. The colors can be mixed to produce a watercolor-like effect. The same effect, the advantage is that it is easier to master than the more difficult "watercolor painting" in painting. Paper with a rough surface is a good choice for colored pencil drawings