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Lantern Festival Happy party

Lantern Festival Happy party

February 15,2022
Lantern Festival Happy party
Lantern Festival Happy party

                            On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, there is a Lantern Festival!

Details of Lantern Festival Happy party

Guessing lantern riddles is undoubtedly the most troublesome little game for everyone, but it is also the most classic. Can you guess the answer after thinking about it?

The paper-cut window decorations are endlessly beautiful, and everyone is immersed in making their own beautiful paper-cuts.

The days go by slowly, and the glutinous rice balls will eventually taste sweet. All the employees of the company are late for a bowl of hot dumplings, which means that every day life will be sweet!

Best wishes from the entire staff of H&B 

  • Spring brings warmth to the world, and festivals come to thousands of families. May the flowers always bloom, the moon always be full, and the people always there, and a happy Lantern Festival!